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With the whole Ines Sainz/New York Jets debacle getting uglier and uglier everyday, here at TRSP we wanted to have some fun with it. So for your viewing pleasure, here are 10 reasons why you can’t blame the New York Jets for wanting to put their sports all up in and around Miss Sainz.

Reason 10: (the rest are after the jump…can’t make it that easy)

Her ass is definitely in grad school.



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Ahhh…where to start? Going into this game I wanted a win. I wanted the US to crush the hopes and dreams of El Tri. That being said, a tie would have been just as good. It would have put more pressure on Mexico to win its next game against Costa Rica (who leads Concacaf in qualifying), plus give me bragging rights at work. When Charlie Davies got behind the Mexican back line, with a great through ball form Donovan, and scored a huge goal, I was excited, hoping this was a sign of good things to come.

Come to find out after the game, Mexico is undefeated (11-0 or something), when the opposing team scores first. The Yanks could not hold on to possession, got worn out by Mexico’s camp set on their half of the field, and that ridiculous altitude. I would have like to seen the US have a longer training camp than they did. Probably would have helped them click on the field a little better. On the other hand, Mexico seems to have found their magic again and that makes Concacaf a better place.

The US is still in good position to qualify for the World Cup. A must win, against El Salvador, is around the corner in Utah next month, which the US should win. But now the race for a spot in 2010 South Africa has truly arrived, which is great for the people who love the “Beautiful Game.”

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