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Seeing ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings for Week 2 had me asking some questions about the darlings and the cellar dwellers of the NFL.

The Winless Pathetic Crapola’s

The Buffalo Bills

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined writing about the Bills, but it’s quick hits, so it’s not like I’m writing in-depth. They’re absolutely awful. The hopes of using CJ Spiller in a Chris Johnson type role has failed, primarily because Chan Gailey refuses to use him. 8 carries for 9 yards is abysmal. But, you can attribute the ineptitude of the Bills to their offensive line and Trent Edwards suckage.

The St. Louis Rams



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As many Packer fans and fantasy owners found out yesterday, Ryan Grant is done for the season with a torn ligament in his ankle. Initially I would’ve said this was a huge blow, but after watching Brandon Jackson in the 2nd half (14 carries/54 yards, 2 catches/12 yards) against Philadelphia, I could only chuckle at what his ceiling is.

I really like Ryan Grant…probably more than I should have. His first season with Green Bay was absolutely astonishing, but since then he’s just been serviceable. (Okay actually, he’s been good – but never amounted to the standards he set his first season.) Maybe my expectations were too high, who knows. But let me be the first to say, the drop off between Grant and Jackson is not a big one.


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