Seeing ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings for Week 2 had me asking some questions about the darlings and the cellar dwellers of the NFL.

The Winless Pathetic Crapola’s

The Buffalo Bills

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined writing about the Bills, but it’s quick hits, so it’s not like I’m writing in-depth. They’re absolutely awful. The hopes of using CJ Spiller in a Chris Johnson type role has failed, primarily because Chan Gailey refuses to use him. 8 carries for 9 yards is abysmal. But, you can attribute the ineptitude of the Bills to their offensive line and Trent Edwards suckage.

The St. Louis Rams

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With the whole Ines Sainz/New York Jets debacle getting uglier and uglier everyday, here at TRSP we wanted to have some fun with it. So for your viewing pleasure, here are 10 reasons why you can’t blame the New York Jets for wanting to put their sports all up in and around Miss Sainz.

Reason 10: (the rest are after the jump…can’t make it that easy)

Her ass is definitely in grad school.

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As many Packer fans and fantasy owners found out yesterday, Ryan Grant is done for the season with a torn ligament in his ankle. Initially I would’ve said this was a huge blow, but after watching Brandon Jackson in the 2nd half (14 carries/54 yards, 2 catches/12 yards) against Philadelphia, I could only chuckle at what his ceiling is.

I really like Ryan Grant…probably more than I should have. His first season with Green Bay was absolutely astonishing, but since then he’s just been serviceable. (Okay actually, he’s been good – but never amounted to the standards he set his first season.) Maybe my expectations were too high, who knows. But let me be the first to say, the drop off between Grant and Jackson is not a big one.

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Greatest Season Opening Game Ever?

With all the hype surrounding the start of the 2010 NFL season with a rematch of last years NFC Championship, there’s a couple things to look for tonight that will set the tone for the season.

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As many of you TRSP readers know, I am a Packers fan. This blog is just one in a series of future blogs that I’ll be writing in assessing the past/present/future of the Cheeseheads. Today is the first of two Super Bowl blogs…starting with why they will not win the Super Bowl.


Aaron Rodgers eating turf, still a problem.

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I woke up this morning (not feeling like P. Diddy; screw “Ke$ha”) and Ticket 760’s Facebook posed an interesting question: “Was the Spurs letting go of Luis Scola the worst move in the Pop/RC era? List your top 2 bad moves.”

Well how about two moves and an honorable mention?

1. Trading Luis Scola to the Rockets:

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Big, bad and better than ever TRSP is back.  I don’t know what made me bring it back, or how long I’ll keep it around, but lets rejoice and enjoy for the time being.  The comeback blog I’ve been waiting for is here…NBA Playoff Predictions, after the jump. 


I could just say that the East Finals are going to be Orlando and Cleveland and save myself some time, but what’s the fun in that? 

(1) Cleveland Cavaliers v.s. (8) Chicago Bulls 

They could do this all series, and probably still sweep Chicago.

This series is going to be a joke.  Seriously?  Can we just have it be that the Cavs get a first round bye?  Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah aren’t good enough to even overcome the incompetent Coach Vinny Del Negro and Vice-President John Paxson, let alone LeBron & Co. If the NBA really even wanted this to be a series, they’d make the Cavs dress LeBron in a suit. 

Cleveland Cavaliers in 4 games. 

(2) Orlando Magic v.s. (7) Charlotte Bobcats 

The defending East champs against a first time playoff team is an intriguing matchup, but another bore of a series.  I’ll give the Kittens credit, they have a great team and have the ability to pull an ’07 Warriors like run, but very doubtful. 

MJ's gonna have to wait for his 7th ring...but not too long.

Give them a season or two more, especially now under Jordan, and you may be looking a the new wrecking crew to compete with the elite of the league. 

Orlando Magic in 6 games. 

(3) Atlanta Hawks v.s. (6) Milwaukee Bucks 

This matchup would be great if Andrew Bogut was healthy, but no matter how much the Bucks peaked toward the end of this season, Atlanta’s squad is up and down, too good to be rocked in the 1st round.  Jamal Crawford off the bench, paired with Bibby and Josh Smith, will do quick work of Rookie of the Year candidate, Brandon Jennings.  Milwaukee still could do some damage, and have the ability to be as great as any team in the East, but this isn’t their year.  If they can keep Salmons and find another big to shoulder the load with Bogut (Darko Millicic (yes the same Darko taken #2 overall by Detriot, after LeBron James) would be a good asset), then I’ll take the Bucks seriously. 

Atlanta Hawks in 5 games. 

(4) Boston Celtics v.s. (5) Miami Heat 

The best matchup in the East, and probably the most entertaining series, can only be described in two words. Dwyane Wade. I don’t care what Boston has done, who they have and what experience advantage they may maintain over Miami, Dwyane Wade will dominate Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen with ease. 

He's gotta be unstoppable.

 Factor in a slowed and aging Kevin Garnett, and a Rasheed Wallace, who can’t hit the broad side of a barn, let alone a basket, and this series is a no-brainer.  Also, Boston has the most losses in the NBA, when leading by double digits. 

Miami Heat in 6 games. 


(1) Los Angeles Lakers v.s. (8) Oklahoma City Thunder 

Phil Jackson likes to take shots at Kevin Durant.  Ten NBA Championships will do that to you.  But, could Phil be eating his words after this series is over? …no.  Even though the Lakers have the most questions entering the playoffs, its Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and crazy ass Ron Artest.  The Thunder are a piece or two away from being legit title contenders, but right now, I’m guessing they’ll enjoy the 8th seed.  If I lived in Seattle, I’d be hanging from a noose, waiting for someone to kick the chair away. 

Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games. 

(2) Dallas Mavericks v.s. (7) San Antonio Spurs 

Dear Mavs, have fun stopping these two.

I refuse to go into detail about this series, and I am not going to hide my fandom.  The Spurs are going to make the Mavericks regret last year.  George Hill, a candidate for Most Improved Player, rarely saw the floor in last year’s series, while Manu Ginobili didn’t even get to see his uniform, due to his stress fracture.  Revenge is a dish best served cold. 

San Antonio Spurs in 6 games. 

(3) Phoenix Suns v.s. (6) Portland Trail Blazers 

A tale of two teams.  The uptempo Suns and the injury plagued Blazers.  This series is a joke.  Even though the Thunder, Spurs and Blazers all finished with the same 50-32 record, the Blazers get the 6th seed, due to tie breakers.  Honestly, I feel sorry for Portland…Sam Bowie, Drexler unable to bring them a ring, the Darius Miles incident, Greg Oden’s knee injury and picture of his third leg, and now Brandon Roy’s knee injury…this organization can’t catch a break.  The Suns are going to dismantle the Trail Blazers, to the tune of about 140 points a night. 

Phoenix Suns in 5 games. 

(4) Denver Nuggets v.s. (5) Utah Jazz 

Two coaches that could never seem to win it all, George Karl and Jerry Sloan face off in the first round.  The Nuggets are a team that plays according to their coaches pulse.  J.R. Smith and Melo only seem to be on top of their game when George Karl is sitting on the bench, and when those two are on fire, the rest of the team catches on.  But the Jazz are a team that never gives up, and maybe a deep playoff push will some how convince Carlos Boozer to stay………probably not, he’s already got one foot out the door.  

If Denver wants to win this series, they need to stay out of the house of pain, as much as possible.


 The only way Denver wins this series, is if Coach Karl is right there on the court with his team.  Utah needs to steal away home court, if they want to advance at all. 

Denver Nuggets in 7 games.