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Former Red Sox great, Jim Rice, has proved that he has no idea what he is talking about. Rice went to Williamsport, Pennsylvania, site of the Little League World Series, to give advice to the stars of tomorrow.

His advice? Do not use today’s major leaguers as role models.

That’s actually not a bad idea. But then he seems to call out the wrong superstars.

“You see a Manny Ramirez, you see an A-Rod, you see Derek Jeter … Guys that I played against and with, these guys you’re talking about cannot compare.”

He continues with, “We didn’t have the baggy uniforms. We didn’t have the dreadlocks. It was a clean game, and now they’re setting a bad example for the young guys.”

Really? Because we all know how baggy Derek Jeter’s uniform is, and how he lets his hair grow out like nothing. He’s just dirty looking, and only out for his own stats.

Then, when asked who are some current major leaguers that are Hall of Fame worthy, he says, Ichiro Suzuki (yes), Ken Griffey, Jr. (yes) and Jim Thome? Wait, you mean the same Jim Thome, who has less hits than Edgar Renteria? He doesn’t have 2,000 hits, no MVP’s, 3rd on the all-time strikeouts list, and a .229 post-season BA? Not to mention, Jim Thome is under the cloud of the “Steroid Era”. No great hitter, of the Steroid Era, will go without questioning. That includes Jim Thome.

Mr. Rice, you may want to go check yourself. Derek Jeter has been nothing but the model baseball player. If I had kids, I would want them to idolize Derek Jeter. And not because I’m a Yankees fan, it’s because of what he represents. It’s not everyday that you see a bi-racial superstar, who is as humble as can be, doesn’t cheat, and plays the game the right way.


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Michael Vick fought and killed dogs. 23 months in prison. Not to mention, may face more punishment from the NFL.

Donte Stallworth was drunk driving, when he killed a pedestrian. Spent 30 days in prison. He is suspended for the entire 2009 NFL season, but is still serving a shorter suspension than Vick.

Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg, with an unregistered handgun, in a New York nightclub. Will serve two years in prison, along with another two years “supervised release”. Not to mention, was suspended by the Giants toward the end of last season, and is suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

Now I know that all these crimes occurred in different states, but that’s the problem. If Donte Stallworth would’ve done that same crime in Texas, there is a very serious chance that he’d be on Death Row. Plus, the fact that Stallworth tested positive for marijuana after he committed manslaughter.

The legal system sucks. Free Plaxico.

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Ahhh…where to start? Going into this game I wanted a win. I wanted the US to crush the hopes and dreams of El Tri. That being said, a tie would have been just as good. It would have put more pressure on Mexico to win its next game against Costa Rica (who leads Concacaf in qualifying), plus give me bragging rights at work. When Charlie Davies got behind the Mexican back line, with a great through ball form Donovan, and scored a huge goal, I was excited, hoping this was a sign of good things to come.

Come to find out after the game, Mexico is undefeated (11-0 or something), when the opposing team scores first. The Yanks could not hold on to possession, got worn out by Mexico’s camp set on their half of the field, and that ridiculous altitude. I would have like to seen the US have a longer training camp than they did. Probably would have helped them click on the field a little better. On the other hand, Mexico seems to have found their magic again and that makes Concacaf a better place.

The US is still in good position to qualify for the World Cup. A must win, against El Salvador, is around the corner in Utah next month, which the US should win. But now the race for a spot in 2010 South Africa has truly arrived, which is great for the people who love the “Beautiful Game.”

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I just love the way Porcello hits Youkilis. Then, the Youka charges the mound like he’s about to do something, but what really happens is Rick Porcello pedals backwards, until he’s ready and just slams Kevin Youkilis down to the ground.

Props to the Detriot Tigers not standing down to the BoSox, even though Boston came back to win the game, with an excellent performance by Mike Lowell. I do believe Porcello had it coming to him, since he came inside on Victor Martinez and then hit Youkilis.

Still, as a Yankees fan, it was great to see Boston get into with another team. Even better that the Yanks are 5.5 games up in the division, after the sweep this past weekend.

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So, my original goal was to have all my friends come on and blog about what they wanted, whenever. Well one of those friends took that idea and created his own great blog, but I have another one who wants to add to the site.

Please, give a warm welcome to Sergio, who will be a constant contributor to TRSP. He will cover College Football, Boxing, Soceer, Dallas Cowboys coverage and anything else sports related he feels like.

Little bit about him – he is not Puerto Rican (hense the addition of “& Co.” to the title). Born in Maryland, he’s pretty much lived in Texas all his life. We’ve been going to school together and known each other now for about 7 years. If you want to contact him, we’ve got his Facebook right here.

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I’ve been wanting to address this lately and even more so now, after a customer I had at work, harrass the idea of him in the green & gold. I know a lot of organizations do not want to sign him, because of the bad press. But, can you imagine the team that does sign him? Imagine if Mike Vick comes out and proves he is a quarterback and can still run better than ever? Then the entire front office looks like geniuses!

I will say this, I know a lot of Packer fans don’t want him around, because of what he did. I know there are some that are against signing him, because it would kill the confidence of Aaron Rodgers. I know there are some “experts” that believe even though Ted Thompson is probably very interested, that he won’t offer Vick a contract, because of the flak he’ll receive from the publicly owned Packers.

You’re all wrong.

Michael Vick isn’t going to be brought in to replace Rodgers or to even give him competition. Vick is going to be brought in to shore up the unsure backup quarterbacks. I was against the drafting of Brian Brohm and I’m a fan of Matt Flynn. But, I don’t trust either one in the case of an injury. Vick also helps the Packers add another aspect to their offense, with the Wildcat. Yes, a lot of teams are now using it. Why shouldn’t Green Bay follow suit? Instead of having an Isaiah Stanback (no offense Cowboys fans) type player, you have Michael Vick. A proven NFL quarterback and a great runner who can provide confusion for defenses.

Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and Ryan Grant all on the field at the same time? Absolute sickness.

So to the customer I had come in to my work the other day. The angry female Packer fan, who said, “Michael Vick would be better served, if they chopped both of his hands off and then let him play football”, I say, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. And to all the Vick naysayers, remember this:

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