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As many other Spurs fans, I too have had my love/hate moments, with Mr. Parker. Hitting game winners, missing clutch free-throws, scoring an extremely hot Hollywood actress, being a completely rude to people that approach him in public.  The man gives you so many reasons to love and hate him.  I’ve heard stories of the kind of person he is off the court, and trust me, if I ever met him in person, I wouldn’t expect any type of acknowledgement whatsoever.  But as the leader of my team, and knowing the great player he can be, I love him.  I’ll never let go the fact he missed 4 straight free-throws, to clinch a victory…but I will soften the blow on him, by remembering that Mike Finley missed 2 straight beforehand.

The game winners in Minnesota and against Philly, and the performance he put on last night in the ATL has many people wondering, does Tony deserve MVP votes?  The greatness that is 48 Minutes of Hell, the Spurs official blog had a great take on it, here.

There is no question that Tony Parker is the M.V.S. (Most Valuable Spur), of 2009, but a legit MVP candidate?  There’s always a debate of, “What does MVP mean?”, and then it gets askew after that.  No, Tony Parker is not an MVP.  No, Tony Parker shouldn’t be in the Top 5 of the voting at all.  Yes, he should be considered, and at least in the Top 10.  Tony hasn’t played at this high of a level all year.  Even when he sprained his ankle, Tim Duncan was still there to keep the team afloat.  If anybody on the Spurs deserves an MVP consideration, it is Duncan.  No offense to Tony, he’s been great.  You couldn’t ask him to do a better job with two-thirds of the “Big 3” missing, but the fact is, he has to put up gaudy numbers more often for consideration, or become a more active scorer on a consistent basis.  To be fair, Parker is averaging more than 20 points a game, a career best, and is shooting over 80% from the line, also a career best (makes the 4 straight misses somewhat ironic, no?).  T.P. is a score first point guard, and when Pop runs nothing but Tony’s plays, he should expect to see great results.

Parker is still growing as a basketball player, and is going to need to get better, with the health of the team in decline.  Tony shouldn’t have a problem repeating as Finals MVP, if the Spurs make it that far.  In fact, Tony Parker needs to be the Spurs MVP, for the team to have a chance at a title.  But right now, the regular season MVP, belongs to LeBron James…but that’s a topic for the next blog.


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