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Seeing ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings for Week 2 had me asking some questions about the darlings and the cellar dwellers of the NFL.

The Winless Pathetic Crapola’s

The Buffalo Bills

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined writing about the Bills, but it’s quick hits, so it’s not like I’m writing in-depth. They’re absolutely awful. The hopes of using CJ Spiller in a Chris Johnson type role has failed, primarily because Chan Gailey refuses to use him. 8 carries for 9 yards is abysmal. But, you can attribute the ineptitude of the Bills to their offensive line and Trent Edwards suckage.

The St. Louis Rams



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With the whole Ines Sainz/New York Jets debacle getting uglier and uglier everyday, here at TRSP we wanted to have some fun with it. So for your viewing pleasure, here are 10 reasons why you can’t blame the New York Jets for wanting to put their sports all up in and around Miss Sainz.

Reason 10: (the rest are after the jump…can’t make it that easy)

Her ass is definitely in grad school.


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Greatest Season Opening Game Ever?

With all the hype surrounding the start of the 2010 NFL season with a rematch of last years NFC Championship, there’s a couple things to look for tonight that will set the tone for the season.


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Michael Vick fought and killed dogs. 23 months in prison. Not to mention, may face more punishment from the NFL.

Donte Stallworth was drunk driving, when he killed a pedestrian. Spent 30 days in prison. He is suspended for the entire 2009 NFL season, but is still serving a shorter suspension than Vick.

Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg, with an unregistered handgun, in a New York nightclub. Will serve two years in prison, along with another two years “supervised release”. Not to mention, was suspended by the Giants toward the end of last season, and is suspended indefinitely by the NFL.

Now I know that all these crimes occurred in different states, but that’s the problem. If Donte Stallworth would’ve done that same crime in Texas, there is a very serious chance that he’d be on Death Row. Plus, the fact that Stallworth tested positive for marijuana after he committed manslaughter.

The legal system sucks. Free Plaxico.

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I just love the way Porcello hits Youkilis. Then, the Youka charges the mound like he’s about to do something, but what really happens is Rick Porcello pedals backwards, until he’s ready and just slams Kevin Youkilis down to the ground.

Props to the Detriot Tigers not standing down to the BoSox, even though Boston came back to win the game, with an excellent performance by Mike Lowell. I do believe Porcello had it coming to him, since he came inside on Victor Martinez and then hit Youkilis.

Still, as a Yankees fan, it was great to see Boston get into with another team. Even better that the Yanks are 5.5 games up in the division, after the sweep this past weekend.

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According to Rotoworld, via Yahoo!, the Red Sox could offer an attractive package, involving Clay Buchholz and a plethora of prospects, for Roy Halladay. Boston would probably also have to take on the contract of Vernon Wells in return.

Let me just say, if the Sox have both Halladay and Beckett in the same rotation, I will call for Brian Cashman’s head. The Yankees have a good group of prospects, though not as many as Boston that they can offer. Even though I don’t want the Yankees to trade Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain or Austin Jackson, I still want them to make some kind of an offer, just so I know that my team is trying to improve.

I will say, I doubt Halladay gets traded at all. Especially because, Toronto will ask all A.L. East teams to give an extra player in return, as a premium to trade Doc within the division and because the Phillies and Dodgers know that there are other, cheaper options available. Either way, Theo Epstein is a mad genius.

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So exactly two weeks after I posted the Spurs 2009-2010 roster breakdown, the Spurs have signed Theo Ratliff, the 36-year-old center, who just recently played for the Philadelphia 76ers. This gives the Spurs seven big men on their roster (Duncan, McDyess, Blair, Mahinmi, Bonner, Gist and Ratliff) meaning something has to give. I like the idea of bringing him off the bench with Blair, giving the Spurs a solid rebounding and shot blocking combo, but I’m not sold on the signing, even if it’s for one year at the veteran minimum. Mahinmi did okay in summer league, but was not at all impressive, while Blair proved that he will be an excellent rotation player.

Maybe there’s a trade coming, maybe there isn’t…maybe Gist was just a try out and will be put in Austin. Either way, low risk/medium reward signing? I’m all for it.

Commenters – your thoughts?

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