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I just love the way Porcello hits Youkilis. Then, the Youka charges the mound like he’s about to do something, but what really happens is Rick Porcello pedals backwards, until he’s ready and just slams Kevin Youkilis down to the ground.

Props to the Detriot Tigers not standing down to the BoSox, even though Boston came back to win the game, with an excellent performance by Mike Lowell. I do believe Porcello had it coming to him, since he came inside on Victor Martinez and then hit Youkilis.

Still, as a Yankees fan, it was great to see Boston get into with another team. Even better that the Yanks are 5.5 games up in the division, after the sweep this past weekend.


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According to Rotoworld, via Yahoo!, the Red Sox could offer an attractive package, involving Clay Buchholz and a plethora of prospects, for Roy Halladay. Boston would probably also have to take on the contract of Vernon Wells in return.

Let me just say, if the Sox have both Halladay and Beckett in the same rotation, I will call for Brian Cashman’s head. The Yankees have a good group of prospects, though not as many as Boston that they can offer. Even though I don’t want the Yankees to trade Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain or Austin Jackson, I still want them to make some kind of an offer, just so I know that my team is trying to improve.

I will say, I doubt Halladay gets traded at all. Especially because, Toronto will ask all A.L. East teams to give an extra player in return, as a premium to trade Doc within the division and because the Phillies and Dodgers know that there are other, cheaper options available. Either way, Theo Epstein is a mad genius.

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The Mets/Yankees rivalry seems to be heading to a new level in this series. First, the Luis Castillo fiasco, and now another controversy involving Francisco Rodriguez and…Brian Bruney? What the hell?

Funny, because yesterday I mentioned that I felt bad for Castillo dropping the popup to lose the game, but I didn’t feel bad for K-Rod, because he did his patented yell and chest bump, thinking he had the save. Then, Brian Bruney comes out and says K-Rod’s celebration antics are “a tired act”. K-Rod responded by saying, “He better keep his mouth shut and do his job and not worry about somebody else”.

Thank you, K-Rod! As much as I don’t like Frankie Rodriguez, I agree 100% with what he has to say.

Hey, Brian Bruney, you might want to shut the fuck up. Why don’t you worry about rehabbing your elbow and getting healthy, instead of what the K-Rod’s doing. Besides, you really shouldn’t be talking about players celebrations, when Joba Chamberlain has the same “tired act”.

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You want a hot sports opinion? Fundamentals are important.

If it wasn’t for Luis Castillo not using two hands to catch that pop-up, and if it wasn’t for Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira being real baseball players, and running out fly balls, the Yankees would’ve lost. I feel bad for Castillo, but the person I don’t feel bad for – Francisco Rodriguez. Hey, K-Rod, next time you want to do your chest bump & yell celebration, because you got someone to popup, for what should’ve been a save, you might want to remember this:


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Today, A.J. Burnett was suspended six games by Major League Baseball, for a little bit of chin music, thrown at Nelson Cruz. Burnett immediately appealed the suspension, which will keep him active, until his hearing with the MLB.

Are you fucking kidding me?! You mean that piece of shit, Vicente Padilla, gets off with a fine after hitting Teixeira twice, TWICE, and Burnett gets suspended for sailing a ball near Cruz’s head that sat him on his ass? Bud Selig & Co. are bigger morons than we give them credit for. Unbelievable. Padilla is one of the league leaders, year in and year out, in hit batsmen, but yet when Burnett goes to defend his teammates, he gets punished!

I understand what Burnett was wrong, but he didn’t even hit him. DIDN’T EVEN HIT HIM! What a fucking joke. Hindsight is 20-20, but if I was A.J. Burnett, and I knew ahead of time that I’d get suspended for throwing at Nelson Cruz, I’d plunk him in the fucking chest. Fuck Nelson Cruz and Vicente Padilla. Fuck the Texas Rangers.

It’s sad that Bobby Jenks admits to plunking someone and gets a monetary fine, but no suspension. But, Burnett goes to defend his teammates, the same way Jenks did, and gets to spend six days playing by himself with his wife. As Peter Gammons said, this is “stupid”.

Hey, Vicente Padilla, you Central-American fuck, have fun playing in the minors or getting cut, since the great Nolan Ryan put your ass on waivers. You may get away with plunking people in Nicaragua, but that shit doesn’t fly here in the USA!

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* – denotes that the Yankees are the best team in baseball, when they try and give a damn.

After seeing these last couple days, where the Yankees are just dominating games with their hitting and the pitching staff finally coming together, I’m highly optimistic that this team can go far in the playoffs. Now I know y’all are thinking, “Well shit, they should be…especially with a $200 million payroll.” But here’s the thing, even though the payroll is over 200 millie, this is actually the best assembled Brian Cashman team, in a long while.

No longer are the Yankees signing/trading for one hit wonders and former studs. Gone are the ways of Jason Giambi, Carl Pavano, Jaret Wright, Kevin Brown, Randy Johnson, Bobby Abreu (no offense, Bobby is still a good player, but he wasn’t the same hitter he was in Philly), Gary Sheffield, Tony Womack, and Richie Sexson. Failed experiments that have attributed to the disaster that has been the last 5 years.

Cashman has learned to quit signing the big name free-agents that are over the hill. Burnett may be in his 30’s already, but he’s in the prime of his career. Mark Teixeira – in his prime. CC Sabathia – in his prime. Then trading for low risk/low reward guys like Nick Swisher, and developing the farm system (Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Ian Kennedy, Brett Gardner, Melky Cabrera, Robinson Cano, Austin Jackson), the Yankees have put themselves in a great position this year, and good position for years to come.

I still don’t think Brian Cashman is the man that will build the Yankees back into a dynasty…when you have virtually unlimited income, you’re job isn’t that difficult. But this team could be the closest to the ’04 Yankees, that should’ve won the pennant, and even the World Series. Time will only tell if this group ends up floundering in the end or if they get stronger and provoke fear in the rest of the AL – but right now – I’m as optimistic as ever.

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As I’ve stated before, I am a diehard Yankees fan. When this off-season came around, I was excited about seeing what new free agents the organization was going to sign, even if it meant bidding against ourselves and overpaying. I had just one wish – do not sign A.J. Burnett. I followed him in Florida, when he was a possible future Yankee the first time around, but as the injuries piled up, the rebellion against the organization, and the inconsistency continued, the idea of seeing him in pinstripes was a complete turnoff.

Then Toronto decided to bite the bullet, by signing him to a 5 year deal during the ’05 Winter Meetings, hoping that the tandem of him and Roy Halladay would revive the organization. It wouldn’t take long for the signing to seem like a mistake. Already a Tommy John surgery victim, Burnett had to start off the season on the DL, after scar tissue from the surgery, had broken off inside his pitching arm. Even though he finished 2006 with a record of 10-8, and an E.R.A of under 4, he spent almost three months of the season on the disabled list. 2007 was more of the same, missing 48 games, going 10-8 with an E.R.A of 3.75. Suddenly (in a contract year) the real pitcher in Burnett came out. Though the Blue Jays were never in contention for long, Burnett had a fantastic 2008 season, leading the A.L. in strikeouts (231 K’s in 221 1/3 innings), and going 18-10, I was still skeptical.

One season doesn’t make a pitcher, but teams are so desperate in the MLB to improve quickly, they’ll do whatever it takes. As part of “Yankee Universe”, I’ve endured enough pitching frustration with Jaret Wright, Kevin Brown and most notably, Carl Pavano…the last thing I wanted to see was A.J. Burnett wearing pinstripes, for the fear of seeing a lovely asterisk next to his name on the roster, signaling he’s on the disabled list. CC Sabathia and Derek Lowe was all I wanted. Two great pitchers, one in his prime and the other a workhorse, day in and day out (not to mention, a cheaper option than Burnett). As quickly as the thought came of seeing Lowe in the Bronx, it was gone after signing a 4-year deal with the Braves. The second coming of Carl Pavano was approaching, and I couldn’t have been more angered with the organization for not getting a deal done with Lowe.




Burnett is 2-0, after taking a no-hitter into the 7th inning, against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Burnett is 2-0, after taking a no-hitter into the 7th inning, against the Tampa Bay Rays.

I am happy to say, after two starts, A.J. Burnett has been nothing short of magnificent, and I couldn’t be happier to see him in a Yankee uniform. Even though this is a perfect sample of over-reacting (something Yankee fans and the media have become famous for), I feel that A.J. is the real deal. He’s pitched 13.1 innings, has 15 strikeouts, and the most important stat – only 2 walks on the season. Walks are always important in baseball, but I emphasize it even more on Burnett, because of tonight’s performance. This is the same pitcher who threw a no-hitter against the Padres in 2001, but walked 9 batters in the game. It’s still early, and I’ll still worry every 5th day when he takes the mound, but as of right now, A.J. Burnett is the best acquisition of the off-season (no offense, Nick Swisher).

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