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Seeing ESPN’s NFL Power Rankings for Week 2 had me asking some questions about the darlings and the cellar dwellers of the NFL.

The Winless Pathetic Crapola’s

The Buffalo Bills

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined writing about the Bills, but it’s quick hits, so it’s not like I’m writing in-depth. They’re absolutely awful. The hopes of using CJ Spiller in a Chris Johnson type role has failed, primarily because Chan Gailey refuses to use him. 8 carries for 9 yards is abysmal. But, you can attribute the ineptitude of the Bills to their offensive line and Trent Edwards suckage.

The St. Louis Rams



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As many Packer fans and fantasy owners found out yesterday, Ryan Grant is done for the season with a torn ligament in his ankle. Initially I would’ve said this was a huge blow, but after watching Brandon Jackson in the 2nd half (14 carries/54 yards, 2 catches/12 yards) against Philadelphia, I could only chuckle at what his ceiling is.

I really like Ryan Grant…probably more than I should have. His first season with Green Bay was absolutely astonishing, but since then he’s just been serviceable. (Okay actually, he’s been good – but never amounted to the standards he set his first season.) Maybe my expectations were too high, who knows. But let me be the first to say, the drop off between Grant and Jackson is not a big one.


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As many of you TRSP readers know, I am a Packers fan. This blog is just one in a series of future blogs that I’ll be writing in assessing the past/present/future of the Cheeseheads. Today is the first of two Super Bowl blogs…starting with why they will not win the Super Bowl.


Aaron Rodgers eating turf, still a problem.


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I’ve been wanting to address this lately and even more so now, after a customer I had at work, harrass the idea of him in the green & gold. I know a lot of organizations do not want to sign him, because of the bad press. But, can you imagine the team that does sign him? Imagine if Mike Vick comes out and proves he is a quarterback and can still run better than ever? Then the entire front office looks like geniuses!

I will say this, I know a lot of Packer fans don’t want him around, because of what he did. I know there are some that are against signing him, because it would kill the confidence of Aaron Rodgers. I know there are some “experts” that believe even though Ted Thompson is probably very interested, that he won’t offer Vick a contract, because of the flak he’ll receive from the publicly owned Packers.

You’re all wrong.

Michael Vick isn’t going to be brought in to replace Rodgers or to even give him competition. Vick is going to be brought in to shore up the unsure backup quarterbacks. I was against the drafting of Brian Brohm and I’m a fan of Matt Flynn. But, I don’t trust either one in the case of an injury. Vick also helps the Packers add another aspect to their offense, with the Wildcat. Yes, a lot of teams are now using it. Why shouldn’t Green Bay follow suit? Instead of having an Isaiah Stanback (no offense Cowboys fans) type player, you have Michael Vick. A proven NFL quarterback and a great runner who can provide confusion for defenses.

Aaron Rodgers, Michael Vick, Greg Jennings, Donald Driver and Ryan Grant all on the field at the same time? Absolute sickness.

So to the customer I had come in to my work the other day. The angry female Packer fan, who said, “Michael Vick would be better served, if they chopped both of his hands off and then let him play football”, I say, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. And to all the Vick naysayers, remember this:

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As many of y’all know, the 2009 NFL Draft is this Saturday (about damn time), and my Green Bay Packers have the 9th overall pick, which I’m not happy about. Mainly because the defense was so horrible all season, that I would’ve preferred they tank it to get a higher pick, but it’s all good.

Please, please, please, Ted Thompson. Make up for drafting Justin Harrell, and pick O-Sack-Po.

Please, please, please, Ted Thompson. Make up for drafting Justin Harrell, and pick "O-Sack-Po".

Dear Ted Thompson, DRAFT BRIAN ORAKPO. Mr. Orakpo is a sack artist. And I’m not only saying that because I’m a Longhorns fan, it’s true. Even though he only recorded 22 sacks throughout his college career, 11 of them came in his senior season, playing for the Longhorns. He’s also an injury risk, but a freak of nature physically, proving it with his performance at the NFL Combine. This 6’3″, 260+ pound, Defensive End/Outside Linebacker, runs a 4.6, benches 515 pounds, and squats 600. But the part I would focus on is the ability to play both DE and OLB. The Packers fired their entire defensive staff this off-season, and hired former Houston Texans Head Coach, Dom Capers (a hire I wasn’t a big fan of, but I’ll give him the chance). Capers instantly brought in his own staff, and also changed the defense from a 4-3, to a 3-4, like many other teams have been doing.

I love that Green Bay is switching to a 3-4, but I’m skeptical at the fact that Aaron Kampman can play OLB, but I think he can thrive at the position. With Nick Barnett and A.J. Hawk, Kampman and Orakpo solidify a defense, that just couldn’t get after the quarterback in ’08. Even though I keep hearing that B.J. Raji is the ideal pick, since he would play the nose tackle in a 3-4, like he did in college, I just don’t trust him. Mostly because of the positive drug test at the NFL Combine, but that report has been ruled false today, thanks to SI.com. If that is the case, then I wouldn’t hate it if Ted Thompson drafted him, but as of right now, if he’s available, the Packers should select one Brian Orakpo, from the University of Texas.

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